Open Beta planned for December 2024

Crystals of Naramunz is an upcoming free-to-play Action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world. Launching on PC.

Main Features

Ascend to new heights of power with fast-paced gameplay and extensive character progression.


Seasons offer new thrilling adventures and challenges, as the catastrophic Nexus strikes the world of Naramunz, wiping out the memories and possessions of all characters.


Uncover a treasure trove of abilities with our lootable skills. Fuse crystals into skills of different rarities to upgrade their powers and tailor them to your build and playstyle.


Embark on your path to mastery with our expanding tree of passive talents. Gain experience and unlock new powers to form synergies with your items and skills.


Aethereals are a special class of items that transcend gameplay and survive the seasonal resets. Craft, trade and utilize these extraordinary assets within the game and on the open market.


The Felorian Knights are a powerful hybrid of human and lion, standing as a beacon of valor in the world of Naramunz. Renowned for their prowess in melee combat, Knights specialize in wielding swords and shields and perform a variety of roles, from dealing damage and taking hits to supporting their allies with various buffs and crowd control abilities.


The Vulpian Gunners are mutated foxes adept at dealing consistent damage from close or long range. Known for their versatility, they can use a variety of weapons to suit their playstyle, adapting their tactics on the fly depending on the situation.


Coming soon.

Lootable Skills

Crystals of Naramunz features a varied assortment of lootable skills, each with a unique set of modifiers. Unlock your path of choice and tailor your skills to your character build, creating synergies with your passive talents and items.

Double Slice.

Quick and efficient, the double slice skill paves a path through swarming and solo mobs alike.

Bullet Rain.

Unleash a rain of bullets on your enemies, dealing area-of-effect damage for effective crowd control.


Whirlwind is a knight-class skill that allows you to spin, dealing damage in the wake of your path.

Rapid shot.

A gunner class skill that deals out a quick succession of rapid shots, piercing through most armour.

A Story in Season

Centuries ago, a catastrophic event called “The Nexus” struck the world of Naramunz, turning it into post-apocalyptic ruin. As a result, the world split into separate floating islands, its inhabitants mutating with animals. Glowing blue crystals rife with power were scattered throughout the world, becoming its primary source of energy while granting the animal hybrids special abilities.

The Nexus is a recurring global event in the game that acts as a seasonal reset, wiping the possessions and memories of all characters. Only the legendary Aetherial items survive.

Procedural Dungeons ◈ Challenging Bosses ◈ Fast-paced Combat

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