Want to be a Content Creator for Crystals of Naramunz? 

Welcome to the Crystals of Naramunz Creator Program! Being a community ambassador is a unique opportunity to be involved in the upcoming Action RPG Crystals of Naramunz and have close contact with the development team at Crypto Rogue Games. You get to be one of our front-facing ambassadors, helping our community thrive and grow. 

As an Action RPG game, we are looking for content creators who are genuine Action RPG gamers having played games such as Diablo, Path of Exile, Torchlight and other similar loot-driven ARPGs. 

Crystals of Naramunz is only available for Windows PC in Closed Beta. 

Being a Content Creator

As a content creator/streamer, you will have exclusive access to our game and development team and be a front-facing ambassador for the Crystals of Naramunz community. You will be able to regularly test the game*, create content, stream gameplay, and impact the game by providing feedback, which will help us improve our game for the Open Beta. 

*Access to the game will be available when new features have been implemented to be tested. We will communicate when new builds are ready to be tested.

Perks for Content Creators

  • Exclusive SWAG box including: t-shirt, hoodie, unique in-game title and unique in-game skin/item
  • Exclusive access to our game for testing
  • Private contact with the Development Team at Crypto Rogue Games
  • Exclusive News and Updates before the Public
  • Exclusive Creator only events
  • Highlight your Streams and Videos on our social media


  • Must be minimum 18 years old. 
  • Be an experienced Action RPG player having played games such as Diablo, Path of Exile, Torchlight, and other similar loot-driven ARPGs
  • Will ideally have minimum amount of 500 followers on Twitch.
  • Must be willing to:
    • Play 1+ hours every day in the Closed Beta 
    • Create at least 2 videos or streams (minimum 1 hour long each) about the Crystals of Naramunz Closed Beta 
    • Join and be active in our Official Crystals of Naramunz Discord Server
    • Interact on Social Media – Retweet, Tweet or Post about Crystals of Naramunz during Closed Beta and after

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